The artist Mathias Hornung was born in 1969 and first worked as an artist, before diving into the live of a full time artist. His works are based on rectangular grids that are either printed on paper or three dimensionally on wood. Topography as well as time and space play a big role in his works, but the ultimate idea behind his works is the imminent "fall out" from the perfect, even and regular grid of life.


1988 – 1993
free studies in set and costume design at Staatliche Hochschule der bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart Weissenhof
1985 – 1988
Training as an industrial mechanic
born in Tübingen, Germany
lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Solo exhibitions (selection)

Crypto Codes, Galerie Lesmeister, Regensburg
Showroom Thielbeer zum gallery weekend, Berlin
Das Labor, Berlin Neukölln
Mathias Hornung, Galerie Maas, Reutlingen
bpm, Galerie Maas, Reutlingen
Mathias Hornung, Beukenhof-Phoenix Galerie Kluisbegen, Belgium

Group exhibitions (selection)

Art Toronto @ Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Canada
Prinzip Landschaft, Galerie zs art, Vienna
checkmate, BcmA, Berlin
incognito, Hofgrün Galerie, Berlin
foreign interferenz, pop up at Corbeau House, Kapstadt, South Africa
Paradies, Hofgrün Galerie Kreuzberg, Berlin
Beukenhof & Phoenix Gallery, Kluisbergen, Belgium
Das Werk als Raum im Raum, galerie zs art, Vienna