With her contemporary vision, Giulia Dall'Olio (b. 1983) reinterprets the genre of landscape painting while remaining refreshingly unconventional. Her entire œuvre is dedicated to the representation of nature - more precisely, a detailed and realistic rendering of the struggling and rebelling nature that (re)conquers its place despite the irreversible impact and change by human hand.

Dall'Olio reflects on nature, its transience and, in particular, its endangered persistence in an advancing globalized world oriented towards man's quest for advantage.
On paper, canvas or wood, the artist uses charcoal, oil and acrylic to create contrasting and powerful depths. Precise, accurate gestures blend before the viewer's eye into a composition that confronts one vividly and powerfully.

In her latest works Dall'Olio subversively uses textile made of synthetic fibers. In this way, she creates contrasting interventions in the materiality of the depicted nature of her charcoal drawings: Synthetic fiber/human versus nature.
FRAGILE PARADISE is the Italian artist's third solo show at Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister.

The opening will take place during the Regensburger Galerienabend (Regensburg Gallery Night) on September 2023.
Introduction: Dr. Mathias Listl, Curator at Museum für Konkrete Kunst (Museum for con in Ingolstadt